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Often see some people use the fitness equipment in the community, the park, along with the swinging of the body, t25 calendarthe handle hand firmly grasp the fitness equipment, lest they fall. In fact, this "protective" action is likely to bring greater harm. America "MD network" web site will have one of the motion errors hands clenched fitness equipment as the common people, t25 dvd usedthe reason is the expert thinks, to hold it too tightly can not give sufficient security protection, but also can not increase the exercise intensity. Hold only applies to some of the wrist exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, t25 fitnessbarbells. The wrist joint outside of the exercise is not, because the human wrist force itself is very small, long time hold fitness equipment, the wrist muscles fatigue easily. In addition, hands clenched on the fitness equipment, t25 gammaattention will turn to the wrist, other parts of the body to relax, and thigh, chest muscles can not reach the effective exercise. Therefore, recommended operating boating, riding fitness car without too much force. If you are worried about the release of sports safety, can put the forefinger and middle finger, t25 inletring finger, little finger four fingers on the equipment, when you feel fit, release a finger, finally, need only one finger on the equipment, in the auxiliary balance at the same time, exercise can also achieve better results the. Need to be reminded that, some of the elderly or cerebrovascular diseases, exercise is the best grip handle, and the best around with you. If you want to improve grip strength, t25 led ambercan insist on grasping heavy exercise: one with a bottle of mineral water or other heavy objects, palms downwards, the finger weights to hold heavy objects, so as not to fall to the ground, repeatedly.

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